The Firebolt is Confiscated is the first and only moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 11, The Firebolt.


“There’s nothing wrong with it!” said Harry, his voice shaking slightly. “Honestly, Professor —”


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Chocolate Frog Cards


Zoom levels

This moment has 2 zoom levels.

Zoom 1

  • The card can be found at the base of Hermione's pile of books.
  • Hermione moves her upside-down book up and down slightly if you mouse over her.
  • Shrivelfigs can be found hanging in the top right area of the Christmas tree.

Zoom 2

  • Click the small red pouch to unlock "Gobstones".
  • The left-hand gobstone rolls off the table when you mouse over it; the other one spits
  • The mince pie is on the same table as the gobstones, to the left of the box.
  • The red bauble near Ron's face is collectable.
  • The spellotape is on the love seat, on top of the box near Harry's hand.


  • Wood crackles as a fire burns
  • The wind whistles quietly outside the window
  • The little candles on the tree flicker
  • Snow falls peacefully outside the window

Audio Excerpt

“So that’s it, is it?” said Professor McGonagall beadily, walking over to the fireside and staring at the Firebolt. “Miss Granger has just informed me that you have been sent a broomstick, Potter.”

Harry and Ron looked around at Hermione. They could see her forehead reddening over the top of her book, which was upside-down.

“May I?” said Professor McGonagall, but she didn’t wait for an answer before pulling the Firebolt out of their hands. She examined it carefully from handle to twig-ends. “Hmm. And there was no note at all, Potter? No card? No message of any kind?”

“No,” said Harry blankly.

“I see…” said Professor McGonagall. “Well, I’m afraid I will have to take this, Potter.”

“W — what?” said Harry, scrambling to his feet. “Why?”

“It will need to be checked for jinxes,” said Professor McGonagall. “Of course, I’m no expert, but I daresay Madam Hooch and Professor Flitwick will strip it down —”

“Strip it down?” repeated Ron, as though Professor McGonagall was mad.

“It shouldn’t take more than a few weeks,” said Professor McGonagall. “You will have it back if we are sure it is jinx-free.”

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