The Golden Thread is the first Moment in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, chapter 34, Priori Incantatem.


The golden thread connecting Harry and Voldemort splintered: though the wands remained connected, a thousand more offshoots arced high over Harry and Voldemort, criss-crossing all around them, until they were enclosed in a golden, dome-shaped web, a cage of light, beyond which the Death Eaters circled like jackals, their cries strangely muffled now...




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Zoom 1

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Mouse Over

  • Hovering your mouse over Wormtail's magical hand will make it gleam and you should hear a metallic sound.
  • Double click to enter Zoom 2.

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  • Collect the Asphodel in between Cedric and Frank Bryce.

Mouse Over

  • Mouse over Lily and James Potter and they will both react.
  • Mousing over either Voldemort or Harry will cause their wands to react.

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