The Half-Blood Prince is the ninth chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


Harry and Ron met Hermione in the common room before breakfast next morning. Hoping for some support for his theory, Harry lost no time in telling Hermione what he had overheard Malfoy saying on the Hogwarts Express.

‘But he was obviously showing off for Parkinson, wasn’t he?’ interjected Ron quickly, before Hermione could say anything. ‘Well,’ she said uncertainly, ‘I don’t know ... it would be like Malfoy to make himself seem more important than he is ... but that’s a big lie to tell ...’

‘Exactly,’ said Harry, but he could not press the point, because so many people were trying to listen in to his conversation, not to mention staring at him and whispering behind their hands.

‘It’s rude to point,’ Ron snapped at a particularly minuscule first-year as they joined the queue to climb out of the portrait hole. The boy, who had been muttering something about Harry behind his hand to his friend, promptly turned scarlet and toppled out of the hole in alarm. Ron sniggered.


Felix Felicis

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