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The Hut on the Rock

The Hut on the Rock is a small, wooden hut on a rock in the sea, somewhere in the vicinity of Cokeworth. Vernon Dursley takes his family here when they get hundreds of letters meant for Harry, in an attempt to get away from them. However, Hagrid shows up to bring Harry his letter personally.



Hagrid after knocking down the door of the hut


Inside the Hut

"The Hut on the Rock" is first discovered in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, chapter 3, The Letters from No One, "The Hut on the Rock".

It is also mentioned in chapter 4, The Keeper of the Keys, "Hagrid Arrives" and "Harry Receives His Letter at Last".

When mysterious letters are delivered to Privet Drive, the Dursleys flee. The letters follow them to a small hotel in Cokeworth, leading Vernon to take the family to a small shack on a large rock way out to sea, where Vernon believes nobody stands a chance of delivering post. The hut is the most miserable Harry has ever seen; it smells strongly of seaweed, the floorboards creak and wind whistles through the gaps in the walls of its two rooms. To Dudley’s horror, there is no television.

Here, Harry discovers he is a wizard. At midnight, Hagrid knocks down the door, gives Harry his letter, and tells Harry about his family. Petunia then reveals she knew Harry’s mother, Lily, was a witch; that she thinks she was nothing more than a freak, and that she always knew Harry would have magical abilities. The Dursleys leave the shack in the morning without Harry.

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