The Muggle-Born Registration Commission is the thirteenth chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


‘Ah, Mafalda!’ said Umbridge, looking at Hermione. ‘Travers sent you, did he?’

‘Y – yes,’ squeaked Hermione.

‘Good, you’ll do perfectly well.’ Umbridge spoke to the wizard in black and gold. ‘That’s that problem solved, Minister, if Mafalda can be spared for record-keeping we shall be able to start straight away.’ She consulted her clipboard. ‘Ten people today and one of them the wife of a Ministry employee! Tut, tut … even here, in the heart of the Ministry!’ She stepped into the lift beside Hermione, as did the two wizards who had been listening to Umbridge’s conversation with the Minister. ‘We’ll go straight down, Mafalda, you’ll find everything you need in the courtroom. Good morning, Albert, aren’t you getting out?’


Retrieving the Locket

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