The Phoenix Lament is the twenty-ninth chapter of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


A much smaller and warmer hand had enclosed his and was pulling him upwards. He obeyed its pressure without really thinking about it. Only as he walked blindly back through the crowd did he realise, from a trace of flowery scent on the air, that it was Ginny who was leading him back into the castle. Incomprehensible voices battered him, sobs and shouts and wails stabbed the night, but Harry and Ginny walked on, back up the steps into the Entrance Hall: faces swam on the edges of Harry’s vision, people were peering at him, whispering, wondering, and Gryffindor rubies glistened on the floor like drops of blood as they made their way towards the marble staircase.

‘We’re going to the hospital wing,’ said Ginny.

‘I’m not hurt,’ said Harry.

‘It’s McGonagall’s orders,’ said Ginny. ‘Everyone’s up there, Ron and Hermione and Lupin and everyone –’


There are no moments from this chapter.

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