This article is about the moment. For the location, see The Prefects' Bathroom (location).

The Prefects' Bathroom is the first and only Moment of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 25, The Egg and the Eye.


His immediate reaction was that it would be worth becoming a Prefect just to be able to use the bathroom. It was softly lit by a splendid candle-filled chandelier, and everything was made of white marble, including what looked like an empty, rectangular swimming pool sunk into the middle of the floor.




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Zoom levels

This moment has 2 zoom levels 

Zoom 1

B4C25M1 z1.png
  • The Lethe River Water is located on the diving board
  • Mousing over the different faucets causes different streams of water to come out.
  • Mousing over the pool causes it to fill and then empty.

Various objects react when you mouse over them:

  • The faucets on the edge of the bath turn on.
  • The chandelier shakes.
  • The bath drains when the mouse is held over the water.

Zoom 2

B4C25M1 z2.png

The Mermaid's hair moves when moused over the painting.


  • All the faucets and the pool make different sounds
  • The chandelier above makes a tinkling noise
  • After zooming, the mermaid makes a sound

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