Riddle House


The Riddle House stands on a hill overlooking the village of Little Hangleton. Once a fine looking manor, the house now stands derelict and unoccupied - ivy covers the building, the windows are boarded up, and tiles are missing from the roof.

From the Story

Discovered in Book4, Chapter 1, The Riddle House

"The villagers of Little Hangleton all agree that there is something sinister and creepy about the Riddle House. It was the location of a strange and horrible event fifty years ago, which many of the villagers still discuss even now. The elderly Mr and Mrs Riddle and their son Tom were found dead in the drawing room of the house, seemingly frightened to death.

None of the families who tried to live in the Riddle House after the death of the Riddle family stayed very long, saying there was a nasty feeling about it. After the prolonged absence of inhabitants, the house started to fall into disrepair. A wealthy man owns the Riddle House these days, but does not live there or put it to any use.