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The Small Locked Tower is a sample moment available before registration. It is accessible by clicking the "Explore Harry's story" box on the home page.


In a small locked tower, never visited by any student at Hogwarts, sits an ancient book that has not been touched by human hands since the four founders placed it there on completion of the castle. Beside the book, which is bound in peeling black dragon-hide, stands a small silver inkpot and from this protrudes a long, faded quill. These are the Quill of Acceptance and the Book of Admittance and they constitute the only process by which students are selected for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


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Items "collected" in this moment are not associated with your Pottermore account and will not be added to your trunk.

Information Cards

This is a sample Moment - Moments are interactive scenes from Harry Potter's story.

Double-click or use the arrow keys to move through to the next layer of the scene.

After you zoom in:

Have a good look around each layer - there are items to collect and animations to experience.

Mouse over one of the Owls.

After triggering an owl animation:

There are four other animations to discover in this Moment. See if you can find them all.

After collecting the candle:

Once signed in, items you collect including Chocolate Frog Cards, Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans and potion ingredients will be stored in your Trunk for safe-keeping.

After 20 seconds, if "The Quill of Acceptance and The Book of Admittance" is not unlocked:

Hidden within certain Moments is exclusive new writing from J.K. Rowling.

Before you can read it you need to find it. Take a closer look at the books on the table.

After collecting the Galleon:

Once signed in, you can spend your Galleons in the wizarding shops of Diagon Alley.

After completing everything and zooming all the way out:

You have discovered everything in this Moment. To explore Moments from Harry's story and discover more exclusive new writing from J.K. Rowling sign up for free.

Zoom levels

This moment has 3 zoom levels. There is no progress bar to fill, but when you discover everything a new card will appear.

Zoom 1

Nothing of interest here.

Zoom 2

Zoom in.

  • Click on the open book to unlock the The Quill of Acceptance and The Book of Admittance content
  • Click on the candle to the left of the book to "collect" it (It won't be added to your trunk).
  • Mouse over the papers behind the candle to blow them around.
  • Mouse over the quill beside the book to make it move.
  • Mouse over the brown owl on the desk to make its head turn.

Zoom 3

Zoom further in.

  • Mouse over the bit of gold Galleon on the top of the column on the right to blow dust off of it.
  • Click on the newly-revealed Galleon to "collect" it (It won't be added to your Gringotts vault).
  • Mouse over the grey owl in the window to make its wings move.


Owls hooting

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