The Third Task is the thirty-first chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


‘Dumbledore reckons You-Know-Who’s getting stronger again as well?’ Ron whispered.

Everything Harry had seen in the Pensieve, nearly everything Dumbledore had told and shown him afterwards, he had now shared with Ron and Hermione – and, of course, with Sirius, to whom Harry had sent an owl the moment he had left Dumbledore’s office. Harry, Ron and Hermione sat up late in the common room once again that night, talking it all over until Harry’s mind was reeling, until he understood what Dumbledore had meant about a head becoming so full of thoughts that it would have been a relief to siphon them off.

Ron stared into the common-room fire. Harry thought he saw Ron shiver slightly, even though the evening was warm.

‘And he trusts Snape?’ Ron said. ‘He really trusts Snape, even though he knows he was a Death Eater?’ ‘Yes,’ said Harry.


There is one moment in this chapter.

The Maze

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