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The Unforgivable Curses is the fourteenth chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


‘You know why Snape’s in such a foul mood, don’t you?’ said Ron to Harry, as they watched Hermione teaching Neville a Scouring Charm to remove the toad guts from under his fingernails.

‘Yeah,’ said Harry. ‘Moody.’

It was common knowledge that Snape really wanted the Dark Arts job, and he had now failed to get it for the fourth year running. Snape had disliked all of their previous Dark Arts teachers, and shown it — but he seemed strangely wary of displaying overt animosity to Mad-Eye Moody. Indeed, whenever Harry saw the two of them together — at mealtimes, or when they passed in the corridors — he had the distinct impression that Snape was avoiding Moody’s eye, whether magical or normal.


This chapter has 2 moments.

Professor Moody

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A Letter From Sirius

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