The Weasleys Arrive is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 4, Back to the Burrow.


“They—they've tried to get here by Floo powder,” said Harry, fighting a mad desire to laugh. “They can travel by fire—only you've blocked the fireplace—”





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Zoom levels

This moment has 2 zoom levels. Zooming in from Zoom 1 causes a loud noise and the picture whites out for a moment before revealing Zoom 2.

Zoom 1

Screenshot - 10 3 2013 , 7 02 26 PM.png
  • The picture on the corner cabinet falls over when you mouse over it.
  • There is a 50p piece on the chair to the left
  • The flower heads are on the mantelpiece, inside what looks like a pot pourri holder.
  • Unlock new content on the Floo Network by clicking on the fireplace.

Zoom 2

Screenshot - 10 3 2013 , 7 02 53 PM.png
  • The spider legs are on a flying piece of wood at the bottom of the picture.
  • The beetle eyes are airborne next to the china pot.
  • Various bits of wall fall off, and some of the wallpaper peels, when you mouse over them.
  • Some dust falls on Ron (blue shirt) when you mouse over the area above him.
  • The lights seem to turn on and off at random.


Initially, all you can hear is banging and muffled shouting.

After the bang, you can hear various items creaking and clattering as the debris gradually settles.

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