Trading Barrel

A Trading Spot on a barrel in Diagon Alley

Trading Spots are locations in Pottermore at Playstation Home where players can trade Pottermore Cards. They look like a stack of glowing and pulsating Pottermore Cards.


These Trading Spots are scattered throughout Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express. There are currently 10 spots in total, with 6 in Diagon Alley and 4 in the Hogwarts Express.

Diagon Alley spots

Trading spot

The two Trading tables in Diagon Alley

Four of the Diagon Alley spots are on wooden barrels. There are another two spots at tables.

Hogwarts Express spots

Trading Spot HE1

A trading table in the Hogwarts Express

All four of the Hogwarts Express spots are on tables in the first two carriages.
  • First carriage, second compartment
  • First carriage, sixth compartment
  • Second carriage, second compartment
  • Second carriage, sixth compartment


Trading spots are used for Card Trading. Interacting with any of the trading spots opens up the Trading Interface. Only two players can use any trading spot at a time. This means that at the moment, a total of 20 players can be trading cards at any given time.