Two Enormous Green Eyes is the second moment in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 1, The Worst Birthday.


Harry suddenly sat bolt upright on the garden bench. He had been staring absent-mindedly into the hedge — and the hedge was staring back.



Zoom levels

This moment has 3 zoom levels.

Zoom 1

Zoom 1 has nothing of interest.

Zoom 2

  • Hover over the door to make it open. On the shelf next to the lawnmower is a pair of pruning shears to collect.

(Please note: the location of the shears on the image is approximate, as it is difficult to determine where they are with the door closed)

  • Hover near the lawn mower and it will roar; hover over the bicycle bell and it will ring.
  • The tin of paint on the top shelf can be stirred.
  • The spider above the lawnmower handle will move if hovered over.

Zoom 3

  • The wheelbarrow has some Dried Nettles on top of it
  • The Rose Thorns are to the left of the wheelbarrow, right of the tree. It's the rose that's sort of sticking out a bit.
  • Moving the mouse over the hole in the hedge makes two big green eyes appear.
  • The Leeches are in top of the tree's right branch.


There's the general sound of being outside, as well as birds chirping, footsteps and children talking and laughing in the distance.

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