Samirah ara

aka Samirah Sianium, Sam. Whatever u want!

  • I live in Camp Half-Blood (summer) Hogwarts (school year)
  • My occupation is Dragon Training, riding my dragon, a Night Fury, and saving the city of Paris with Mixx, my White Cat Miraculous
  • I am Some creature that Sia accidentally discovered when she landed on our planet, an Einherji (Valkyrie), a daughter of Zeus, and a proud Hufflepuff

Since I am a curious person, I like to know how old people are. It makes a difference if your talking to a 15 year old or a 41 year old. Anyway, it’s only fair that I share my age with you. I’m 14.  

Btw, just to let you know, I’m being truthful about all this. I’ll be saying “This person likes this”, or “This person is pretty”, and my mother will always be “They could be lying. That person could be old. That person could live elsewhere.” Well, I just want you to know, I am being truthful about myself. K? Good! 

Ok, here’s some short stuff about me. I’m Christian, homeschooled, and I’m also a fan of Miraculous Ladybug, Percy Jackson, Warriors (the books about cats, not the basketball team), and MistMantle. 

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