My Wands- About Me 

Blog #1 

Dear No-Maj Internet, 

Hello there! My name is Avalyn Ollivander, I am the great-great granddaughter of Garrick Ollivander. I might seem like a normal No-Maj, but secretly, I go to Ilvermorny after 'normal' school every day! I love it there so much! I was sorted into Horned Serpent, they favor scholars! Like my grandfather, I make wands. Obviously, it is very hard to find wand cores. So, I make models of wands and sell them to my No-Maj friends. I am a Half-Blood, my mother is a witch. I live in Canada and I wouldn't trade it up for anything! In total, I have made 10 wands! (So far) Anyways, I have to go and work on my Potions homework. 

So long, 

Avalyn Ollivander