So I guess I ought to record what I'm doing so that other people can see why I'm doing it…

Currently I'm going through all of the Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans pages and making sure they are consistent. Part of this is that I am checking that they are in the proper category with a sort-key matching their flavour, so they don't all turn up under "A"! Also I am removing the other categories because they are now redundant since the BBB category belongs to them all: this should thin those categories down considerably and make them more useful.

Once I've done that, it's on to the various Moments and Chapters to ensure that they link to BBBeans using the new template I wrote. This is so that if we decide we want to do things a different way in future, we can simply change the template and all the linking articles will be updated automatically. No more chasing down huge numbers of redirects and double-redirects ^_^

Hopefully this is reasonably obvious and sensible: no doubt someone will tell me if not!