A week ago, I stumbled upon Pottermore, and I really liked the fact that I'll be living the story I liked reading very much... BUT!!!!!!!

What is after working all the moments?!

I've noticed some numerical facts; Gryffindor House, for instance, has a total of 9'407'267 house points and 2'344'212 members, that is only 4 house points per member, and if we take the fact that some members have gone as high as 83'500 house points then it means that at least another 20'000 members ended up with ZERO house points. Also, if you check potions brewed and duels faught you will notice a deterioration in the ratios. The same applies to the other houses too.

Back to the question, What is after working all the moments?! With no new moments released regularly, it is only Duelling Club or Potions Class, which won't be that bad if it had more potions to brew and more spells to muster.

The main features of the Pottermore world are Moments (which can be cleared in 4 days with only 3 hours/day playing), Potions (which becomes boring after brewing each potion twice) & Duelling (which will be sinking the game into a swamp of fights after a few duels).

If Rowling or whomever is looking after that wonderful extension of the great books & movies has any care about it, they should do a much better job.