Wiseacre's from Diagon Alley

Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment
is one of the shops which feature in Diagon Alley.

Before students are enrolled to Hogwarts, they are required to purchase equipment from the shop.


Name Price Required?
Brass Scales 3 Galleons Yes
Brass Telescope 5 Galleons Yes
Silver Scales 7 Galleons No
Glass Phials 3 Galleons Yes (unless the Crystal Phials are bought)
Crystal Phials 7 Galleons Yes (unless the Glass Phials are bought)
Moon Chart 5 Galleons No
Star Chart 6 Galleons No
Globe of the Moon 13 Galleons No
Remembrall 14 Galleons No


  • 6 Items which are on sale in Wiseacre's currently have no use within Pottermore. But there is possibility that they will have a use in a future update.
  • Remembrall can be bought here, but students also have a chance to find a Remembrall for free during the storyline chapters.
    Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment

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